Cash Advance

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Stop worrying and start living your life! UOB Cash Advance offers instant cash anywhere, anytime. It’s so simple and convenient!

Fees & Interests

Cash Advance Fee 5% of the amount withdrawn for each Cash Advance transaction (subject to a minimum fee of RM20)
Finance Charge 18% per annum


Apply for Cash Advance via:
  • ATM
    Simply withdraw cash using your UOBM Credit Card at any of our ATMs. (PIN required)
  • UOBM Branches
    Walk in to the nearest UOBM branch and apply for Cash Advance.
  • Other Bank Branches
    Walk in to any other banks' branches and apply for Cash Advance using your credit card.
  • UOB Personal Internet Banking
    Transfer the fund online from your UOB Credit Card to your UOB savings/current account.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

To withdraw money using your UOB Credit Card at any ATM, you have to use your UOB Credit Card PIN. Request for PIN by calling our 24-hour Call Centre!


More Information

  • Contact our 24-hour UOB Call Centre at:
    Kuala Lumpur +6 03-26128 121
    Penang +6 04-2401 121
    Johor Bahru +6 07-2881 121
    Kuching +6 082-287 121
    Kota Kinabalu +6 088-477 121
  • Email Us

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