Balance Transfer

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Enjoy great savings when you transfer your outstanding balances from other banks to UOB Credit Card! Repay your balances at much lower interest with flexible tenures of up to 18 months.

You can even choose to pay fixed amount or decide on your own repayment amount every month! UOB always gives you the opportunity to manage your financial better.




RM (minimum of RM1,000)

Interest Rate

% pa (6% or 6.6%)



Monthly Repayment Amount



There are 3 simple ways to apply for UOB Balance Transfer.
  • SMS
    SMS UOBBT to 33310
    Our officer will give you a call within a few days!
  • 24-hour UOB Call Centre
    Call us anytime!
  • Application Form
    Complete the application form (Reducing Balance and/or Fixed Pay), attach photocopy of your other bank credit card/charge card statement and send via mail to:

    UOB Card Centre, P.O Box 10253,
    50708 Kuala Lumpur

    Or fax to 03-2690 0002
 Terms & Conditions apply


More Information

  • Contact our 24-hour UOB Call Centre at:
    Kuala Lumpur +6 03-26128 121
    Penang +6 04-2401 121
    Johor Bahru +6 07-2881 121
    Kuching +6 082-287 121
    Kota Kinabalu +6 088-477 121
  • Email Us

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