UOB Lady's Card

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No other card understands women as well as the UOB Lady’s Card, which comes with a chic look, a dedicated service hotline and a series of benefits.

With a flick of your wrists, the UOB Lady’s card unlocks a world that’s tailored just for you. Fashion, dining, travel, wellness, money- it’s all there for your taking.



  • This card is exclusively for ladies who are at least 21 years old.
  • A minimum annual income is required :
    - RM24,000 for UOB Lady's Classic Card
    - RM60,000 for UOB Lady's Platinum Card
    - RM100,000 for UOB Lady's Solitaire Card




More Information

  • Contact our 24-hour UOB Call Centre at:
    Kuala Lumpur +6 03-26128 121
    Penang +6 04-2401 121
    Johor Bahru +6 07-2881 121
    Kuching +6 082-287 121
    Kota Kinabalu +6 088-477 121
  • Email Us

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