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PRUedukid is a participating endowment plan. In addition to the insurance protection, it is specifically designed to finance the targeted milestones of the child.

The key essentials of PRUedukid are as follows:

  1. Child is the Life Assured covered for Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD),
  2. At the end of the term, the maturity benefit will be paid out to help fund the education of the child,
  3. Excellent academic results in selected Public Examinations will be rewarded under PRUedukid,
  4. PRUassured waiver is attachable as a rider to cover the Parent and to ensure the goals of the child are not affected by unfavourable means to the Parent, and;
  5. Same as PRUedukid, the premiums paid under PRUassured waiver are refundable upon maturity.


  • Upon Death

    The HIGHER of

    1. Basic Sum Assured plus vested Compound Reversionary Bonus plus Terminal Bonus on Death;
    2. Total premiums paid on the basic plan.
  • Upon Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)
    TPD benefit is subject to a limit of RM1 million per life (if the life assured’s attained age is below 16 years) and RM4 million (if life assured’s attained age is 16 years and above).
  • Maturity Benefit
    1. Total premiums paid for Basic Plan PLUS
    2. Vested reversionary bonus, PLUS
    3. Terminal bonus on maturity.
  • Rider Attachable
    Surrender value of the PRUassured waiver will be payable:
    1. upon death/TPD of life assured (except suicide of life assured within one year from the policy commencement date or revival date) while assured is still alive;
    2. upon surrender of policy before maturity;
    3. upon surrender of PRUassured waiver


  • You may take up this plan for your child who is 15days after birth - 14 years of age on his/her next birthday
  • Minimum sum assured RM 20,000
  • The maturity of the policy must be between child’s attained age of 13 and 25 (both inclusive)



This is for your general information only. You are advised to visit any of our branches and ask for a copy of Product Brochure, Product Disclosure Sheet and Sales Illustration before purchasing a plan, and to refer to the terms and conditions in the policy document for details of the important features of the plan.

This is an insurance product that is tied to the performance of the underlying assets, and is not a pure investment product such as unit trusts. You must evaluate your options carefully and satisfy yourself that the investment-linked plan chosen meet your risk appetite, and that you can afford the premium throughout the policy duration. To increase investment value at any time, it is advisable that you pay the additional premiums as ‘top ups’. Return on an investment-linked fund is not guaranteed.

The above plans are underwritten by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad (107655-U). All claims and liabilities arising from the policies should be made with the company.

Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad is licensed under the Insurance Act (1996) and is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia. Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad is responsible for the products and benefits offered by them, as well as any representation made in any of their marketing materials including United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd’s marketing material for the products offered by Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad.


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