Personal Protection Insurance

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In life you can't take anything for granted as the unforeseen may hit when you least expect it. So, equip yourself with our Personal Protection Insurance which protects you and your loved ones against any unpredictable circumstances.

Act NOW! Choose from 3 easy plans, depending on your budget.


  • Small investment for big assurance, from as low as 17 sen a day
  • 24-hour worldwide coverage
  • Hospital income up to 365 days
  • Visitors' travel allowance
  • Medical expenses including sinseh/traditional treatment
  • Rehabilitation benefit
  • Corrective dental & cosmetic surgery
  • Funeral allowance

Benefits and Premium

Summary of Benefits and Premium for the 3 Plans
Death or Permanent Disablement 50,000 100,000 200,000

Travel Allowance
We will reimburse RM200 per week for travelling expenses incurred by your immediate family when visiting you in the hospital*.

1,000 1,000 1,000

Medical Expenses
Medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident*

3,000 5,000 7,500

Rehabilitation Benefit
In the event of hospitalisation exceeding 7 consecutive days, an additional RM1,000 is made payable to you.

1,000 1,000 1,000

Funeral Allowance
Upon accidental death, we provide a lump sum allowance for funeral or cremation purposes.

3,000 4,000 5,000

Hospital Income (Per day, up to 365 days)
We provide you with an income for the duration you're hospitalised due to an accident.

50 75 100

Dental or Corrective Cosmetic Surgery

1,000 1,500 2,000
Class 1 & 2 63 115 207
Class 3 100 184 331


  • Adults between age 18 to 70 are eligible.

Easy Enrolment

Just complete the Personal Protection Insurance Proposal Form and submit it with your payment at any of our branches. You may also pay via UOB Visa or MasterCard to enjoy more UNIRinggit rewards.


This is for your general information only. You are advised to visit any of our branches and/or ask for a copy of our policy for detailed terms, conditions and exclusions of coverage.

The above plans are underwritten by Uni.Asia General Insurance Berhad (16688-K). All claims and liabilities arising from the policies should be made with the company.


More Information

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    Penang +6 04-2401 121
    Johor Bahru +6 07-2881 121
    Kuching +6 082-287 121
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