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With proper planning, we can enjoy our lives with greater peace of mind. Planning ahead allow us to hedge against any unexpected events.

When you step into adulthood, you will need to manage your finances independently and wisely. Your parents had been taking care of your financial well being and now as you approach a new stage in life, you will need to make your own decisions like:

  • How much protection do I need?
  • What is my allocation for protection?
  • Do I want to have investment link to my policy?

Generally, a single adult like you will begin with the minimal protection on Death and Temporary or Permanent Disability. Therefore, when starting out, you may also want to consider the following:

Normally, a married couple's main concern is the partner’s / spouse’s welfare. If both you and your spouse are employed, the protection coverage for both of you will be equal. However, if your spouse is not employed, it is necessary to ensure that there is sufficient coverage for medical, child care, housing and car loans and other financial commitment.
You may consider what will happen to my spouse / family if I stop working?

Married with children
Very often the child/children in a family is/are placed top priority. You want to give your child/children the best in education and health care.

You may start thinking:

Retirement does not mean that you cannot continue living the lifestyle as you have been enjoying.

Just plan for your retirement now and look forward to the golden years.

You should not compromise the protection for your assets. Your home, your car are probably one of your biggest investments.


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